Titan Missile Museum Above Ground Pictures

Radar Horn on the right, and an underground access hatch on the left. The radar horn is used for detecting people (Or animals) wandering around on top of the missile site. These are more properly known as "Tipsies".

On the left are the concrete blocks used to keep the missile tube from opening up all the way. This was required by the USSR so that they could keep the missile in the silo for display purposes. (They have a satelite that takes pictures of the site every once in a while to make sure that the missile can't be launced.)

Radio Antenna. This retracts all the way into the ground, and would only be extended (I believe) after the "war".

Another shot of another RADAR horn.

On the right are the concrete blocks, and on the left is the silo lid.

This is looking down into the silo at the missile. On the left is the partially opened lid to the silo.

A fuel filling station. Note the dummy in the protective suit. These suits are required because of the toxicity of the hypergolic fuels.

Another shot of the fuel tanker

A nose cone/re-entry vehicle.

More RADAR horns.

This is their helicopter.

This is (I believe) one of the second stage engines.

Allie and Eddie in back of one of the first stage engines.

Fuel pump assembly

A Fuel Hardstand. I have no idea what this was used for.

Allie and Eddie in front of one of the displays inside the main museum building.

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