Eric's Guide to Installing Twig on CentOS 6.2

This is just assorted notes and commands on how I installed TWIG 2.8.3 (TWIG - The Web Information Gateway) on CentOS 6.2 on my home server. Hopefully you found this through Google and I solved a problem you had and documented the darn thing. Unfortunately TWIG is abandonware at this point but it does offer some features that I still like. And since it's abandonware, Mysql and php have since changed some features, and deprecated others. Lucky for you, I fixed at least some of them!

Fixed test.php file This is the fixed test.php file. There was a typo when they called TWIGMailParseAddresssList instead of TWIGMailParseAddressList. Note, the original file had 3 "s"s, instead of 2. This was to fix Test #2 "This IMAP test will execute a php imap function"

Fixed fileThis is the file I use. Not much different but you can use it as a starting point.

imap_open.php test file This is the script I used to track down the imap errors. Test #3 "IMAP test will try and connect to:" would fail silently. I copied this from somewhere and added some debug code.

Fixed file This was fixed because I found a "relatively" recent post at about changing {localhost:143} to {localhost:143/novalidate-cert} . This is because php-imap complains about "self signed > certificate in certificate chain"

Fixed twig.table.mysql file This fixes several depracated functions in the old twig mysql setup script. MySQL moved on, but TWIG didn't.

Created on Friday May 25 2012 by ericw
Last modified: May 25, 2012
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