Eddie Wedaa's Tutebot Science Fair Project

Top view of the Tutebot. Eddie managed to make this himself with only minimal help from Eric. (Mainly when he put transistors or relays in backwards.)

HEre's the bottom. Note the rubber band that we had to use to keep the Radio Shack breadboard in place on the Tutebot.

This is the front. You can see the rubber band, as well as the small contact switch for the front bumper in this view.

Another shot of the front

This is the top of the Tutebot with the breadboard removed. This way you can see the cavity we made for the battery pack.

Another top view, this time in closeup. You can see how we wired the contact switch in this picture. Yes, those are single channel RCA jacks that we used to hook things up with.

And here's a side view of the Tutebot. (We really wished we could get a breadboard with Lego (tm) compatable blocks built in!

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