Pictures of U.S. Army Battle Tank

U.S. Army Battle Tank Statistics
Toy Name Remote Control U.S. Army Battle Tank (Item # 02474
Manufacturers Information FunRise Toys Europe, 69130 Ecully-France
Manufacturers Information FunRise Toys Corp, Woodland Hills CA 91367-3727
Box Size (LxWxH) 8"x6.5"x17.75"
Box Comments
Toy Size (Not including Radar Mast) 11"x5.25"x4"
AvailabilityTarget Stores
Cost $18.00
Overall Hackability Score (1-10) 9
Batteries Onboard?No
Room for Batteries Onboard? Yes
Cargo Capacity
Max. Obstacle Clearance 1.5"
Clearance 7/16"
Runs on CarpetYes
Runs on TileYes
Runs on GrassYes
Max. Speed
Steering Mechanism Skid Turning
Turning Radius 11" (Turns in Place)
Number of Drive Motors2
Total Number of Motors3 (2+Turret Motor)
Body Compartment Size, Area 1a 5"x2.5"x1.5"
Body Compartment Size, Area 1b 9.75"x2.5"x1.5"
Turret Compartment Size, Area 2a 4"x3.25"x.75"
Turret Compartment Size, Area 2b 4"x4.5"x.75"
NOTE Internal sizes vary due to possible removal: of internal structures, or placing boards above, underneath or around obstacles.
Size "a" is for the largest area without obstacles.
Size "b" is for the largest area that includes obstacles that may be moved or removed.
Holds BS1 Yes
Holds BS2 Yes
Holds BotBoard Unknown
Holds Std. R.S. Breadboard Yes
Comments 4 Sounds on Sound card (Engine, cannon, Machine Gun, Beep)

The tank in it's box (As seen at the store).

Top of the box removed.

All the way out of the box.

Why yes, the Turret moves on it's own motor..

Front shot with the turret moved.

Bottom view. Note the holes for the speaker on the right side. The wire on the left goes to the controller.

Top removed (Four screws.) Note the two motors for the tank treads, the motor for the turret, the sound effects board to the right of the speaker, and the copious wiring inside.

The sound effects board uses six wires, two for power, and four (of indeterminate voltages) for sound selection.)

Please note that there are no internal electronics to control the motors. A L293D Motor controller (Or similar) will be required.

Closeup of the bottom half of the tank insides.

Closeup of the top of the tank. The turret is held on by two screws holding a base plate to the bottom of the turret.

Turret removed. Note the gear teeth all the way around on the bottom of the turret.

And the tank turret taken apart. This might hold a "Bot-Board".

Another view of the inside of the turret. The two tubes are to keep your "Army man" from getting lost inside the turret. These will need to be removed in order to place any additional electronics inside.

Another shot of the insides.

And another shot of the insides.

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