Pictures of Mars Sojurner

Mars Sojurner Statistics
Toy Name Mars Sojurner
Manufacturers Information Scientific Toys LTD, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, (Made in China)
Box Size (LxWxH) 6.75"x6.75"x15.5"
Box CommentsForward and Reverse
Scrambles over Obstacles
Ligth-up Made-Believe Cameras (sic)
All Terrain Tires
6 Wheel Drive
This product is based on the NASA Sojurner Mars Rover. This product is not sponsored, produced, licensed or endorsed by NASA or the United States government
Toy Size (Not including Radio Antenna) 8.5"x4"x6"
AvailabilityTarget Stores, Toys 'R Us
Cost $18.00-$20.00
Overall Hackability Score (1-10) 4
Batteries Onboard?Yes
Room for Batteries Onboard? Yes
Cargo Capacity
Max. Obstacle Clearance 1.5"
Clearance 7/16"
Runs on CarpetYes
Runs on TileYes
Runs on GrassYes
Max. Speed
Steering Mechanism NONE
Turning Radius NONE
Number of Drive Motors1
Total Number of Motors1
Body Compartment Size, Area 1a 6.125"x2.5"x.75"
Body Compartment Size, Area 1b 6.125"x2.5"x1.5"
Body Compartment Size, Area 2a 2"x1.375"x1"
Body Compartment Size, Area 2b 2"x2.5"x1"
Motor Compartment Size, Area 1a 2.125"x1"x3.625"
Motor Compartment Size, Area 1b 2.125"x1"x3.125"
NOTE Internal sizes vary due to possible removal: of internal structures, or placing boards above, underneath or around obstacles.
Size "a" is for the largest area without obstacles.
Size "b" is for the largest area that includes obstacles that may be moved or removed.
Holds BS1 Yes
Holds BS2 Yes
Holds BotBoard Unknown
Holds Std. R.S. Breadboard No
Comments Cool Toy, lousy Robot though. You might be able to do a Servo Hack for the drive motors, but it would be a Tight fit.

Front view of the box.

Top view of the box

And here's the Sojurner out of it's box!

Side view of the Sojurner.

Please note the gears (total of two) between each of the wheels. These are how the single motor drives all the wheels on each side.

Also note the assortment of levers connecting the wheels to the body. This allows the wheels on the left of the picture to pivot up and down as the Sojurner goes over obstacles.

Side view with showing the action of the wheels and levers as the Sojurner goes over an obstacle.

The Sojurner in action!

Front View. Note: The manufacturer somehow thoght that the APXS goes on the front of the Sojurner.

Rear View

The undercarriage. The gear box for the motor is underneath the panel on the left side of the picture.

The "Solar Panel" has been removed. Note the 4 AA nicad batteries on the upper left portion of the Sojurner.

Top view of the Sojurner with the "Solar Panel", batteries, and the electronics cover removed. The red you see in the middle is the radio antenna, and the board you see is the electronics for the radio.

Same view as above, but with the battery compartment removed.

This is the undercarriage of the Sojurner with the motor compartment panel removed. Note that there is only one motor for the Sojurner, and there is no cam assembly in place to make it turn in reverse. ( Rats!!!)

Same picture as above, but with two standard Airtronics servos in place. Please note that these servos Do NOT fit inside the motor compartment. It is possible that two wing servos might fit in the compartment, but even so, it is probable that re-installing the cover would be impossible.

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