Pictures of Nikko RC Car

Nikko RC Car Statistics
Toy Name Nikko RC Car
Manufacturers Information Nikko
Box Size (LxWxH)
Box Comments
Toy Size (Not including Radio Mast)
AvailabilityTarget Stores, Toys R Us
Cost $29.00
Overall Hackability Score (1-10) 9
Batteries Onboard?Yes
Room for Batteries Onboard? Yes
Cargo Capacity
Max. Obstacle Clearance
Runs on CarpetYes
Runs on TileYes
Runs on GrassYes
Max. Speed
Steering Mechanism Solenoid
Turning Radius 6"
Number of Drive Motors1
Total Number of Motors1 (Steering is via a solenoid)
Body Compartment Size, Area 1a
Body Compartment Size, Area 1b
Turret Compartment Size, Area 2a
Turret Compartment Size, Area 2b
NOTE Internal sizes vary due to possible removal: of internal structures, or placing boards above, underneath or around obstacles.
Size "a" is for the largest area without obstacles.
Size "b" is for the largest area that includes obstacles that may be moved or removed.
Holds BS1 Yes
Holds BS2 Yes
Holds BotBoard No
Holds Std. R.S. Breadboard Yes

Front view of the Box

Top of the box

Side of the car

Front of the car

Rear of the car

Underside of the car

Underside of the car, battery compartment opened

Top view of car after the main body has been removed

Top view of the car after the car body, front and rear bumpers, and radio compartment and solenoid covers have been removed.

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