Toys that can be converted into Robots

This is my collection of toys that can be converted into robots. Most of these toys can be found at either Toys 'R Us or at Target. I would assume that they can probably be found at most other larger toy stores also.

The point of these pages is to show that you don't need to spend a ton of money to get a mobile platform to build your toy robot on. Most of these toys are under $30.00 (U.S.) Why spend hundreds of dollars or more than a few hours to build a platform for your robot when literally hundreds of pre-existing platforms exist allready for your use?

Warning, if you have small children, you may need to buy two of each toy to convert so that your kids have one to play with also! ("But Daddy, don't take it apart, it still works", as my son said...)

Toy Tank
[Tank Picture]

Mars Sojurner
[Sojurner Picture]
Mars Sojurner RC vehicle (Added Feb 18, 1998)

Radio Shack SuperArmatron Arm
[Armatron Picture ]
Radio Shack SuperArmatron Arm (Added Feb 18, 1998)

Radio Shack Mobile Armatron
[Mobile Armatron Picture ] Radio Shack Mobile Armatron (Added Feb 18, 1998)
These photos and text are originally from ftp:/

Nikko RC Car (Added Mar 8, 1998)
[RC Car Picture coming soon]

Mesa Rover 1 (Modified May 12, 1999) (Based on Nikko car from above)
[Mesa Rover 1]

Links to offsite resources

Most of the following are dead hosts, unfortunately.

However, some of them are in the Internet archive

In the future, when I find an interesting page, I'm just going to mirror it here.

Catmobile RC Car conversions
David Summers' Beacon Following Robot (DEAD HOST)
Dallas Personal Robotics Group meeting minutes (Lotsa Photos)
Radio Shack Armatron to the parallel port (Note: NOT super Armatron!) (DEAD? Did he graduate?)
Rays Robotic Racers (Formula 1 robot racers)
DweebVision: RC Car with TV Camera.
Red Fox Toy car (Photovore)
Catapillar Excavator 245 D from Toys R Us

I am open to suggestions on other toys to add to this page. (I am currently considering K'Nex, Fisher-Price riding toys, and the "Starship Troopers Bug". I am open to other suggestions!)
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