Pictures of Radio Shack Armatron

Radio Shack Armatron
Toy Name Armatron
Manufacturers Information Radio Shack
Box Size (LxWxH)
Box Comments
Toy Size
AvailabilityRadio Shack (If you are lucky, it's been discontinued)
Cost $19.95
Overall Hackability Score (1-10) 1
Batteries Onboard?Yes
Room for Batteries Onboard? Yes
Cargo Capacity
Max. Obstacle Clearance
Runs on CarpetNA
Runs on TileNA
Runs on GrassNA
Max. SpeedNA
Steering Mechanism NA
Turning Radius NA
Number of Drive Motors1
Total Number of Motors1
Body Compartment Size, Area 1a
Body Compartment Size, Area 1b
NOTE Internal sizes vary due to possible removal: of internal structures, or placing boards above, underneath or around obstacles.
Size "a" is for the largest area without obstacles.
Size "b" is for the largest area that includes obstacles that may be moved or removed.
Holds BS1 Yes
Holds BS2 NO
Holds BotBoard NO
Holds Std. R.S. Breadboard NO

Here's the box as you might find it on the discount shelf at Radio Shack. If you are a regular customer at your local Radio Shack, you might be able to get the manager to try and track one down for you. (Or better yet, track down the Mobile Armatron!)

Here the Armatron out of it's box.

The Armatron at it's full upward extension.

The arm bending at the elbow.

Closeup of the elbow. Note the four lines going from the upper arm to the lower arm. These are the mechanical linkages from the motor to the elbow, wrist (rotate, and up/down) and the hand (open/close).

Closeup of the wrist/hand assembly Note the three lines going from the arm to the wrist assembly. These are the mechanical linkages for the wrist (rotate, and up/down) and the hand (open/close).

Top view of the hand/wrist.

The base and the arm have been separated.

An oblique view of the underside of the top of the base. Note there is a collection of gears (MANY gears) in the center of the picture. The two red projections on the bottom of the unit are the joysticks. (Mechanical joysticks).

This is a top view of the bottom of the unit.

The orange and black bar in the center is the timer unit. (Remember, this is a kids toy. The timer is to "time" how fast you can pickup and load the include toys into their special box.



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