Robot Schematics

June 2002 I got a nice letter from Joe Herring at NASA about adding a link to their site from here. I guess somebody over there has figured out how to change your site's ranking on Google, and since I like NASA, I've added it. Google, and since I like NASA, I've added it. The NASA Robotics Education Page (Added 06/28/2002) While there is not a lot of "How-To" on this site, it does have lots of cool things that make it worth checking out. Links to other sites, and descriptions of current and past projects.

June 2002 By the way, we are still playing with robots. It's just been a very hectic year (May 2001 thru June-July-August 2002) with all the fun going on at Philips Semiconductors (where I work) and moving to the New York area. Hopefully I'll be updating this list again soon, as well as playing with our own robots some more.

May 2001 I am currently reverifying these sites, and it seems some old friends no longer have their web sites at these locations. If you happen so know where some of these sites went to, please drop me a line so I can update my page.

May 2001 Also, this page is in a state of flux as of May, 2001. I am pulling in new sites, verifying old ones, and changing the format around. If you still see this note after July 2001, it means I've lost interest again...

Dead Sites are NEVER removed, just marked as dead.

Robot Clubs

PARTS (Portland Area Robotics Society)(Added 03/10/1998) DPRG Dallas Personal Robotics Group Central Illinois Robot Club near Peoria, IL (DEAD SITE) HomeBrew Robotics Club of "Silicon Valley" California Northern New Mexico Robotics at Los Alamos, NM (DEAD SITE) The Robot Group in Austin, TX Robotics Society of America near San Francisco, CA (DEAD SITE) Rockies Robotics Group in Aurora, CO Seattle Robotics Society of Seattle, Washington Triangle Amateur Robotics (TAR) of North Carolina Twin Cities Robotics Group in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (DEAD SITE)
Austin Robotics GroupThe famous artsy robotics group
Central Illinois Robot Club A great club in Peoria
CRASHComputers, Robotics, and Artists Society of Houston
Dallas Personal Robitics GroupDallas, Texas, U.S.A.
Edmonton Area Robotics Society (EARS)Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
HBRobotics Club Builders Book The Silicon Valley Homebrew Robotics Club. A great resource.
Home Brew Robotics ClubSan Jose California area
The ISU Robotics ClubA Robotics Club at Iowa State University based off of their Team Cybot
MARSMissouri Area Robotics Society (experimental site)
Mobil Robots GroupThe University of Edinburgh
Northern New Mexico RoboticsLos Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A.
PARTSPortland, Oregon, U.S.A.
The Robot Group Home PageAustin, Texas, U.S.A.
Rockies Robotics GroupAurora, Colorado, U.S.A.
San Francisco Robotics Society of AmericaRobot SUMO competitions
Seattle Robotics SocietySeattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Triangle Amateur RoboticsRaliegh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Twin Cities Robotics GroupMinneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.


H-Bridge for motors

Circuit Central (Added 02/20/1998) 287 Circuits and more!! This is mirrored all over, so if this site is down, then check over at Google Search or your favorite search engine.

Bart Provo's Home Pages (Dead Site??) Corky's Home Pages Joe Partlow's Home Pages Two robots: Spider and Photovore Brian O. Bush's BEAM Pages(Dead Site???) Ivar Thorsen's BEAM Pages(NEW Location) Lots of BEAM stuff.
Mark Tildens BEAM Pages(DEAD Site, where did this go to?
BEAM Online LOTS of beam stuff.
Cybugs!!!(Another DEAD site, where did it go?) MIT AI Lab papers Wizard.Org Home page MASSIVELY COOL, and massively detailed site. (Wannabe Moon Rover?)(New address added here on 2000.07.25) Ron Hayes Robot Pages Ken William's Robot pagesLots of links, etc. (Yet another Dead site???) Jay Francis' Robot pagesDino-Bot, Line Follower, and Rebound (Do I need to say it again? DEAD Site???) Michael Rankin's Stamp Robot (Added 10/11/1998)(Address updated on 2000.07.25. (He started using frames! ;-))

Ron's Robot Lab Ron's Robot Site (With Pongo, the robot.) (Address updated on 2000.07.25) Rich's Web Site Seller of SGS-Thomson L293D's Parallax Home PagesHome of the Basic Stamp. Bob Blick's Home Pages(DEAD SITE) Bryan Rittmeyer's Home Pages Marvin's Home Page Your_site_hereAbout_Your_Site

Basic Electronics

Circuit Central (Added 02/20/1998) Electronics 2000 (Added 02/20/1998) La Trobe UniversityLa Trobe University in Australian

Robot Parts

Brian O. Bush's BEAM Pages

Jameco Electronic parts

Edmund Scientific

L293d Motor controller chip sales

Wriz Electronic Parts (L293D chips.) (BTW: I have ordered stuff from here, and have been satisfied with them.)

Images Company Robots Lots of stuff including Air Muscles, gearboxes, books, etc. SHARP Corp. Electronic Components Group

Robotics Oriented Home Pages and Links

Robotics FAQ Kevin Dowlings Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) covers almost everything robotic. This is one of the best robotic resources anywhere. If you haven't seen it, you are in for a real treat. It is updated fairly often, and has a recently changed list.
NASA Space Telerobotics Program Home Page An awesome page with all sources of robotic oriented resources available. Well worth a look.
Karl Lunt's page Karl Lunt is a long-time SRS member and past president.
Kevin Ross's page Kevin Ross is a long-time SRS member and the current President.

Academic Robotics Pages

Robotics Internet Resource Page The UMass Laboratory Resource Page. Good set of links to other places
MIT Robotics Link MIT is always a good source of robotic information
Academic Robotics Web Servers A good set of robot related links in the academic world
University of Washingtion Robotics and Controls
University of Washington Mobile Robotics Lab The Univeristy of Washington has some really cool things going on. Check these out.
Robotic sites at Universities A good list of university robotics programs maintained by Mark Pankratz

Industry Pages and Links

All Electronics Corp.Surplus Electronics
AlltronicsBuys and sells electornic components and equipment
American Science & SurplusIncredible stuff unbelievable prices
Arrick RoboticsLots of great robotics stuff
Atmelhigh performance, non-volatile memory and logic circuits
Advanced Micro DevicesChip manufacturer
Alberta Printed CircuitsGet your printed circuit boards made here
Arrick Robotics - PC-Based Motion Control Pro... - Several interesting robotics and CNC products
B. G. MicroMail order electronics source
BecTec Arbee-One robot base and more...
Circuit Specialists, Inc.Electronics Source
Dallas Semiconductor CorpChip manufacturer
DigiKeyElectronics Source
Electronix ExpressMail order distributor of electronic components, test equipment and tools
Future-Bot ComponentsRobotics components for the hobbiest and professional.
Hitex Development ToolsCheck out their Chip Directory too
Intelmakers of the 8051 and 80x86 stuff
JavancoElectrinics Source
JDR MicrodevicesElectronics Source
JamecoElectronics Source
Joker RoboticsRugwarrior, Lynxmotion, EyeBot
Lynxmotion Robot Kits - Really cool robot kits
Maxim Semiconductor
MicroCode Engineering, Inc.Circuit Maker virtual electronic lab
MicromintEmbedded Controllers
MotorolaChip manufacturer
Mouser Electronics59,000 electronic components
National SemiconductorLot of great chips
NovaSoft: Authorized Distributors of Mekatronix. - Lots of kits and other products
Network Cybernetics CorporationHome of the AI CD-Rom
New Micros, Inc.Your source for embedded controllers.
NovasoftAutonomous Robots, Support Software Microcontroller Printed Circuit Boards Servos/Gearhead DC Motors, Sensors
Parallax, Inc.Makers of PIC development tools and Basic Stamp single board computers
Philips Semiconductorsmakers of 8051 variants
Ray's Robotic Racers - Ray developed ARBE-ONE™ and now he’s concentrating on some very neat Tiny Computers for robot brains—get one of his TCOMP 4.5 models to control your “Model T” mobile platform
The Robot StoreMondo Tronics - Retail robotics, kits
Robotics Electronic Parts StoreMisc. Robotics Stuffs
RoboworldManufacturer of Robosuit
Scott Edwards (FTP Site) wrote the book on Basic Stamps (for Parallax) and sells a neat line of products including an “alternative” board for the chip. No nonsense FTP site with lots of useful files
Sharp OptoElectronics Devices Data
Siemensmakers of embedded ICs
Sirius microSystemsPic boards
Surplus Electronics MECI
TechToolsEmbedded Systems Development Tools, Eprom Emulators
Tecny Electronics - My latest acquisition, which I haven’t had time to play with yet. Looks like an excellent board, lots of disk documentation, and VERY quick service.
Tower Hobbies
VersaTech Electronics- The FBASIC TICkit is a different approach to the microcontroller problem - friendly service and very good documentation
West Coast Blimps & ElectronicsParts for making blimp robotics
ZorinHC11 Microcontroller Products


Indiana University: Internet Robotics SourcesA very complete listing to all aspects of robotics university and research sites, robotics clubs, supplier links.
UMass: Robotics Internet Resources PageWeb, Gopher and FTP links, specializing in research related robotics, mobile and otherwise. If you are looking for a robotics research organization you'll find it here.
Robotics FAQ Table of ContentsA good starting point for people interested in seeing what the current state of robotics is. There are listing for robotic suppliers, unfortunately most of the information presented is gear toward the academic researcher with grant money. Nevertheless it is always good to know where to get a laser rangefinder in a pinch.
Info on Hobby Robots (from comp.robotics.)
The How To Guide
The How To Guide: ReferencesOur robotics how-to guide. We are still working on it so check back frequently for the newest updates. Geared toward the hobbiest, we've taken
Info on Hobby Robotsand expanded its reach. Our reference section has links to robotics papers available on the internet.
SCI.ELECTRONICS FAQ: Main Index The sci.electronics FAQ is a good starting place for electronics information. The FAQ includes a good links page for electronics information.
E2W3: Electrical Engineering on the World-Wide Web A listing of electronics companies on the wave, if you can't guess the URL, you can find it here.
The Electronic Cookbook Archive A rich resource of cookbook electronics circuits, an outpouring from sci.electronics. If you are looking for a circuit it may already exist here.
Steve Walz' FTP server Steve Walz has collected FAQs for various sci.electronics subjects including: PC parallel and serial ports, X10, NiCad batteries, etc. A must stop on your road to robotics valhalla.

Robotics Kit Sites

B-Bot frame
The lynxmotion arm kit
Movit / Owikits robot kits
Rockville Creative Learning
The Robix robotic system
"The Robot Store" aka Mondo Tronics (lots of retail robotics stuff)
A place that carries the Robotix system.
Solarbotics The BEAM Robotics Resource

Cool Robotics Web Sites

The Robot Web Page Menu! A way to add your robot to the Web!
The PC/104 Source List Stack-em together to make an embeddable computer.
NASA - Internet Robotics Resources Bunch of robotics links
JPL Robotics Rover and such
Robotics Related Services on the Internat Robotics links
Discovery Magazine Article There's a robot in your future
BEAM Robotics
Mobile Robot Competition
Intelligent Systems & Robotics Center Sandia National Laboratories
NerdWorld : Robotics Link to more Robotics Links
Robots at Taygeta Scientific Inc.
Doug's Lego Technics ImagesThe Tristart wheel walker
Robot Information Central Roger's great page of robotics
Robotics Information and ResourcesRobotics Related list of sites


Circuit Cellar Ink.Cirarcia's Circuit Cellar Magazine
EDN AccessThe design information source of the Electronics Industry
Electronics on the WebAn Electronics Web Zine
Gernsback PublicationsPublisher of Popular Electronics & Electronics Now
KrisTech Robot MagazineA Robotics Magazine
Nuts & Volts MagazineGreat electronics hobby magazine

Software Sites

Keil Makers of the Keil C for 8051 devices
Go to 8051 C info Web page at RTS
Download a working 8051 C compiler demo from RTS
Download 8051 C Documentation from RTS
Download a working 6811 C compiler demo from RTS
Download 6811 C Documentation from RTS
Go to IVEX to download their schematic & PCB layout software
MicroCode Engineering, Inc. Circuit Maker virtual electronic lab functional demo

TuteBot Links Page

The book that TuteBot is From Book Review Book Review Book Review Book Review, Shows differences between First and Second Editions Book Listing

How to build a TuteBot Best Article, schematics, wiring diagram Pictures of assembling the Lego Parts, but no schematics Comments about building TuteBot

Debugging Hints Notes on Diodes and Relays

Everyone wants to show off their TuteBot Jarryd (A kid!) Made this TuteBot College Kids Pikachu TuteBot Grown Up More Kids! College Kids

University Links Class Notes Lecture notes about TuteBot An advanced TuteBot

Search Engine Links Google Search

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