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These pictures are probably only of interest to friends and family.

Pictures relating to rocketry, robots, and airplanes are marked as such.

2009 Pictures

Assorted Halloween pics
Working on the Bathroom...
Assorted house pictures
July 2009, Spooky -- 1997-2009 -- RIP
July 2009, Cookie, Sadie, Allie, and Tina (Added 2009/07)
May 2009, Irises in our garden(Added 2009/07)
January 2009, Miriam and Eric go to California (Added 2009/02)

2008 Pictures

2007 Pictures

January 2007, Tina's Bowling Alley Birthday Party!(Added 2009/02)

2006 Pictures

November 2006, Spooky and Max-Billam in the kitchen in Beacon(Added 2009/02)
October 2006, Yet more pictures of Max-Billam (Added 2009/02)
July 2006, Another hike up Mount Beacon with lots of pictures from the summit/Fire Tower (Added 2009/02)
June 2006, Tina, Spooky, Max-Billam, and flowers in the yard (Added 2009/02)
May 2006, Tina at school chorus, Our ribbon snake, and our hike up Mount Beacon (Added 2009/02)
April 2006, Eddie and Spooky(Added 2009/02)
January, 2006, Allie(Added 2009/02)

2005 Pictures

September pictures of Frogs at the at the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club, and Spooky, Max, and David (The NEW hamster!) (And Tina's Boo-Boo!)(Added 2005/09)
August pictures of camping, Tina (before) her "Boo-Boo", and Spooky(Added 2005/09)
August pictures of Eddie, Tina and her "Boo-Boo", and the "fun-shoot" at the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club(Added 2005/09)
July pictures of the Catskill Fish Hatchery
July pictures of Playing at the park, and Allie's stuffed aninals(Added 2005/09)
June pictures of Bass fishing, and Allie's 5th grade graduation(Added 2005/09)
May pictures of Trout fishing(Added 2005/09)
March pictures of Eric and our Turducken(Added 2005/09)
February pictures of Spooky in the kitchen(Added 2005/09)
January pictures of My little house, the blizzard, and Christina(Added 2005/01)

2004 Pictures

December pictures Christmas Eve day(Added 2004/12)
December pictures of our trip to West Point Museum in Olmsted Hall at Pershing Center(Added 2004/12)
October pictures of the NY Museum of Natural History and my pumpkins(Added 2004/12)
September pictures of the Bronx Zoo(Added 2004/09)(Comments added December, 2004)
August pictures of the park(Added 2004/09)(Comments added December, 2004)
July pictures of the park(Added 2004/09)(Comments added December, 2004)
June pictures of the park(Added 2004/06) (Comments added September, 2004)
April pictures of Easter (Added 2004/06) (Comments added September, 2004)
January pictures of Tina's birthday party(Added 2004/06)

2003 Pictures

December pictures of Christmas, parties, and other assorted stuff(Added 2004/06)
November pictures of the wrecked Saturn(Added 2004/06)
October pictures of Max Willaim in our sink(Added 2004/06)
June Skating and Hockey(McCann Ice Arena) Pictures.(Added 2003/06)
March Skating and Eddie singing (McCann Ice Arena) Pictures.(Added 2003/06)
March Skating and Skating Rink (Backyard, and McCann Ice Arena) Pictures.(Added 2003/04)
March Swollen Streams and flooded Parks.(Added 2003/04)
March "Pro-Troops Rally" Pictures.(Added 2003/04)
Assorted Snowy February Pictures.(Added 2003/04)
Tina's birthday.(2003/01)(Added 2003/04)
Skating in the backyard and a frozen over Hudson River in January(Added Jan 2003).

2002 Pictures

Christmas pictures in December(Added Dec 2002)(Christmas, and snow).
Assorted pictures of Grandpa's visit in October(Added Dec 2002)(Grandpa, the zoo, and the Poughkeepsie Children's Museum).
Assorted pictures of October(Added Dec 2002)(Kittens and Allie's lost tooth).
Pictures of September(Added Dec 2002)(Max, Tina's first day of Kindergarten, our frog and our bunny.)
Pictures of August(Added Dec 2002) (Our SNAKE!, Belle, and Max when he was a kitten, and our new mailbox.)
The New House in New York(Added April 2002)
Assorted pictures from January through June (Added June 2002)
Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon (Added June 2002)

2001 Pictures

Allie's Birthday party(Added 4/2002, Updated 6/2002)
Christmas(Added 4/2002, Updated 6/2002)
Snow in New York(Added 4/2002, Updated 6/2002)
Halloween, The kid's new school and playground in Beacon, New York (NY) (Added Dec. 2001)
Roswell, New Mexico (Added Dec. 2001)
Children's Night at Chamiza (Robots, Science Fair, Dancing) in May, 2001 (Added May, 2001)
Assorted May pictures (Cats, Brownies, and Anaka's Birthday Party) in May, 2001 (Added May, 2001)
Going to the Park in May, 2001 (Added May, 2001)

1999 Pictures

No 1999 pictures yet, but Maybe sometime!

1998 Pictures

Balloon Fiesta in October, 1998 (Added May 12, 1999)
August, 1998 (Added June 12, 1999)
July, 1998 (Added May 12, 1999)
Eddie in T-Ball in July, 1998 (Added May 12, 1999)
End of School party in May, 1998 (Added May 12, 1999)
May, 1998 (Added May 12, 1999)

1997 Pictures

Pictures of Eddie and a Martian Meteorite (Added Nov 23, 1997)
Allie's Birthday Party in December, 1997 (Added May 12, 1999)
December, 1997 (Added May 12, 1999)
Halloween, 1997 (Added May 12, 1999)
Spooky in October, 1997 (Added May 12, 1999)
October, 1997. Balloon Fiesta and more. (Added Nov 23, 1997)
September, 1997. Lots of rocks in our backyard and assorted friends (Added May 12, 1999)
July, 1997 (Added Nov 23, 1997)
Pictures of Eddie's Birthday (Added Nov 23, 1997)
Pictures of Christina's Birthday (Added Jan, 1997)

1996 Pictures

Christmas, 1996 (Added Dec 30, 1996)
October, 1996 (Halloween)(Added Dec 30, 1996)
August, 1996 (Added Dec 30, 1996)
July, 1996 Pima Air Museum (Added 12/30/96) (Airplanes)
July, 1996 (Added Dec 30, 1996)
June, 1996 Discovery Zone
June, 1996 (Rockets)
Eddies 1996 Birthday Party
April, 1996
March, 1996

1995 Pictures

December 1995(Airplanes)
October, 1995 (Halloween) (added 12/17/96)
October, 1995 (Rockets/Hayburner)

1994 Pictures

These next pictures might really be from 1995...

December, 1994
Allie's 1994 pictures
Both Monsters in 1994

1993 Pictures

Eddie in 1993

A LONG time ago Pictures

Eric a very long time ago (1992 at Grandmothers House in Yorba Linda)...(Update 2005-01-15)

Pictures of Robots we've seen... (Added Dec 12, 1997) (Robots)

Pictures of our old House in Albuquerque, New Mexico (We will always miss it, boo hoo.) (Added Dec 30, 1996)

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