Animals of Dutchess County, New York

These are just assorted pictures of animals we have seen here in New York

Frogs are here (Added December, 2004)

REALLY TINY Frogs are here (Added September, 2005)

Bugs are here(Added December, 2004)

MORE Bugs are here(Added December, 2009)


An Eastern Ribbon Snake that we found in our backyard. One of the disadvantages of living in Dutchess County, New York, but being from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is that whenever we see a snake, we instantly think RATTLESNAKE! So, it goes without saying that we were all a bit freaked.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has a page on the Eastern Ribbon Snake.
Yahooligans(Yahoo for kids) also has a page on the Eastern Ribbon Snake, and has pictures of related snakes as well.
And the University of Georgia ALSO has a page.
Mike Pingleton, from the University of Illinois, Champaign, has a HUGE site of reptile pictures, including lots of pictures of our beloved Eastern Ribbon Snake.


Same snake


Same snake


Same snake


A brave (or stupid) Canadian Goose at the park


Is this a frog or a toad? I still have to look it up.

I THINK this is just a plain old American Toad, but it could be a Fowler's Toad.

I really need to see if I took a film picture and scan that in to see if I have a better picture, which would make identifying it easier.


I Still don't know what he is


We had a bunny living in our backyard for a while


Another shot of the bunny in our backyard


Tina and Eddie watching seagulls in Beacon


Our family's Striped Skunk (who lived in a hole down the hill from us) is why you don't leave dog food out at night


There were a huge number of Canadian Geese today in this flooded field that I drive by on the way home from work.

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