Wedaa Family-Frogs, Max, Spooky, David (the hamster) and Tina and her "Boo-Boo", September, 2005

Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club

This spring we joined the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club. They have a 25 to 100 yard rifle range, trap shooting, hiking trails, a 10 acre pond, free (to members) canoes and Bass Boats, and a small camping area.

One interesting thing is that the rifle range is crawling with small frogs. I think these are Pickerel Frogs. When we are the only people there (a frequent occurance when it isn't hunting season), we go out and try to catch them.

This is Allie's hand.

They can kind of/sort of climb smooth surfaces too.

Allie didn't like them being in an empty bucket, so she added things to make it "more natural".

And another closeup of the frogs.

This is after the stitches were taken out. That's the short edge of a 3x5 card.

Total length: 1 3/4 inches.

And even though she's been wounded, she still likes to ham it up for the camera.

A girl and her dog, it's a wonderful thing.


Disney has Dumbo, we have Spooky.

Now he has those "Devil Dog" eyes.

An admittedly fuzzy picture of Allie's hamster, David.

Max William seems to think there is something interesting about Eddie's shoes.

Is there a hamster in here?

That hamster must be hiding in here someplace.

Why did Tina take a picture of her elementary school?

Like most cats, Max William likes to sleep in drawers. Thankfully he doesn't bother the hamsters in the house. We aren't sure if he's just not interested, or if, as Eddie says, he's just biding his time until we trust him enough to leave him alone with the hamsters while we leave the house to go shopping.

When Kree came to visit, we took the train (MTA North) down to New York City to visit. We wound up in Central Park and wandered around a bit.

This is Tina standing next to Balto. Interestingly enough, this is one of the more popular statues in Central Park. Kree and Dieter had no idea who Balto was, and wondered why we had to make the pilgramage to his statue... Much to their surprise they saw lots of other families coming to pay their respects to the honored dog. If you look closely, you can see that Balto's ears and back are shinier than the rest of the statue. This is from all the kids coming by to rub his ears and sit on his back.

Here's Tina riding Balto.

Allie standing next to the sign in front of the statue, and Tina (still) riding Balto. (OK, I know the framing of the picture could have been better, but when making a webpage, you use the pictures you have, not the pictures you wish you had.

I managed to talk Tina down off the dog to take this picture.

This is Allie checking out an Alpaca at the Central Park Children's Zoo.

Laurie, Kree (heads turned away, oh well), Allie and Tina watching the Sea Lions.

Allie and the Polar Bear.

Eddie and the Polar Bear.

Eddie likes snakes!

The kids at the main concourse at Grand Central Station.

Yep, that's me. Geez, my hair is getting grey....

And here's a last shot of Tina.

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