Wedaa Family at the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club, plus Eddie, plus Tina and her "Boo-Boo", August, 2005

Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club

There was a .22 rifle league at the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club. At the end of the league, we had a "fun shoot" where instead of targets, we got to shoot at "interesting" things.

This is the view from the side of the shooting house towards the targets they had set up.

This is the left side of one of the targets. Those are Tootsie Pops on the vertical pole, Golf balls on the lower right, and pin pong balls on the upper left hanging from strings.

This is another shot of the target rack. And yes, those are balloons on the far right.

They also had .22 Iron Targets for us to shoot at.

Facing the range house from the target line.

Both targets.

That's Eddie in the yellow shirt.

And here's Eddie shooting at balloons.

Tina and her "Boo-Boo"

Funny (and sad, and scary) story here...

Somebody (who shall remain nameless, but you can probably guess who) had complained that taking the kids shooting was dangerous. (They could shoot each other!) I was then told me I should take them fishing or boating or camping instead. Now, I had been planning on taking the kids camping anyways (and had been since we lived in Albuquerque) so late this summer I finally got around to taking them camping.

Well, at the end of the first day, we were walking around the campground. Tina and Allie took off running to see what all the noise was up ahead of us. Tina tripped over a root, and then when she hit the ground she gashed her leg on something (I think a rock, but who knows). She then got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital where she got 17 stitches (3 internal, 14 external).

Camping is safer than shooting my ASS!

Well, no boo-boo here, but a very cute Tina acting like she's asleep in the truck.

This is the "Road Rash" she had from her fall.

And the big bandage around her stitches.

And another view of her stitches.

Eddie on the computer again

Eddie, at the computer again. If he wasn't a 13 year old american boy, I think I'd be worried about him!

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