Wedaa Family, July, 2005

We visit the Catskill Fish Hatchery and got to see "The Trout Factory" (hehehe).

The sign at the entrance to the Catskill Fish Hatchery.

A sewer tank and a picnic area.

Trout ponds in the distance, with orange fences to keep the kids from falling in and becoming trout food.

Another view of the trout tanks.

And the support buildings for the trout farm.

The Catskill Fish Hatchery had a very nice sign at the front explaining what and how they raise trout.

The trout tanks are VERY long, and have waterfalls along the way to help aerate the water.

These are 24 to 26 inch Troutzillas.

This is one of the empty tanks.

And here we are looking uphill at one of the empty tanks.

Here's Tina looking at baby trout leaping up the waterfalls (or at least trying to).

For some reason, they don't let us fish here.

But we all brought our fishing rods anyways!

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