Wedaa Family, June, 2005 Allie's Graduation, and Bass fishing at the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club

Large Mouth Bass!!!!

Tina was very excited to catch her first large mouth Bass.

This spring we joined the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club. They have a 25 to 100 yard rifle range, trap shooting, hiking trails, a 10 acre pond, free (to members) canoes and Bass Boats, and a small camping area.

After the trout are all fished out, then you can try to catch large mouth Bass, and Pumpkin Seed fish (A small bluegill like fish).

Tina, looking just oh-so-stylish.

Eddie and Tina in the grandstands.

And of course, Eric and Eddie.

There are "real" pictures of Allie that I still need to scan, and upload here.

As a side note, Allie got Honor Roll all four quarters she was at Violet Avenue Elementary School, and won an award for academic achievement (Yet another certificate for Dad's wall, and another dictionary for her desk!)

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