Wedaa Family, 2005 Eric vs. the Turducken!

ONE (and only one) picture of Eric vs. the Turducken!

Eric Vs. The TURDUCKEN!!!

Now, for those of you who have NO idea what a Turducken is, well, it's a

  1. deboned chicken (or you can cheat and use several deboned chicken breasts),
  2. Stuffed into a debonded duck, and surrounded by stuffing,
  3. And all of that stuffed into a deboned turkey, (and more stuffing)

It takes forever to prepare, and forever to bake, and ummy as all get out! The greasy duck flavors the chicken and the turkey, and makes them all so much juicier.

And yes, this is real, and I'm NOT the only one making them. Convienent Google link!

On the other hand, while the girls were very excited about the "idea" of turducken, the reality of having to eat a cute little duck was too much for them, and they opted for the much safer white meat of the chicken and the turkey.

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