Wedaa Family, 2005 Blizzard and Eric's Little House

Assorted Pictures of Eric's Little Rental House in Fishkill, New York

Yep, that's a mighty large TV I've got there! I bought it knowing that someday I'll move out and into a larger place!

Max likes to play with the Christmas lights, which is why they are in such a state.
This was also taken before I moved the couch in (which is now in front of the radiator!

I took this shot near the TV, pointing towards the kitchen and dining room. And yes, that is a cat box. I had to move it out of the bathroom because Spooky kept getting into it.

My computer and assorted artwork from the kids.

This is my dining room. Nice and cozy! It's a lot more roomy now that I have real chairs in there, instead of the picnic table chairs from outside!

And here is the kitchen. Also, nice and cozy...

Assorted Pictures of the January 2005 "Blizzard" in Fishkill, New York

Little Tina is quite the Norwegian at times. This is Mount Tina, the Worlds largest pile of snow in our backyard

And here is our brave Arctic explorer trudging through the snow.

And here she is, giving a big Thumbs Up to the world after completing her long trek to the tree.

Assorted snow pictures.

The snow was in drifts from 0 to 21 inches, with an average depth of about 12 to 14 inches. That happens to be a 24 inch ruler in the pictures.

14-15 inches in front of the truck

19 inches on the side of the driveway.

The front of the house, before they plowed the street.
I think the little wind drift by the tree is interesting though...

Ooooo, Lookie! Icicles!

The wind blew most of it off the front of the truck.

And blew it into the back of the truck!

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