Pictures of our trip to West Point Museum in Olmsted Hall at Pershing Center, 2004

We (Eddie, Allie, Tina, Eric Wedaa) went to the Pictures of our trip to US Military Academy's Museum in early December. at West Point in early December, 2004.

Olmsted Hall

Another picture of Olmsted Hall

Allie, Eddie and Tina in front of Olmsted Hall

Tina, Allie, and Eddie in front of the Anti-Tank Weapons. Eddie was confused and interested in the single shot LAW (Directly to his left) Tina just liked the idea of rocket launchers, and Allie was allready getting bored.

More Anti-Tank weapons.

Eddie next to the FT-17 Renault Tank (Patton drove one of these)

Tina next to the tank, and next to (to the left) a small German wire-remote controlled "Tank Killer"

More Bazookas

Eddie likes assault rifles

While submachineguns are more to Tina's liking!

Look dad, more pistols!

Allie was more interested in the costumes and uniforms (Like the Roman Legionary Eagle Bearer)

Eddie was intrigued by the old armour

Tina was intrigued by all the toys in the windows (She didn't quite get that they were dioramas of historical events)

And of course, we have a picture of the Sherman tank (A replica of General Abrams Thunderbolt VII. (More interesting pictures here)

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