Pictures of our our trip to the Bronx Zoo in September, 2004

We went to the Bronx Zoo three times this summer. (The first time we got rained out, so we had to go two more times. We still haven't seen everything, but we've seen enough to last us till the spring when we can go again.

This is some kind of african antelope (whose name I don't remember, and isn't named on their map).

This was taken at one of the Tiger Enrichment Sessions. Everyone was rather excited, and a little nervous being that close to the tigers with only a wire mesh screen between us.

And another shot of one of the tigers

Herons. Just herons.

And a scary peacock that Tina thought was going to attack her because it was so close!

The MANDATORYzebra shot

And three monkeys escaped from the monkey house, and I was able to get a picture of them before they were recaptured.

Oh, wait a sec...

That's Eddie, Allie, and Tina. My mistake!

Dwarf Mongoose

And another Dwarf Mongoose

A sleeping leopard

And another picture of the SAME sleeping leopard


And a REALLY big picture of Giraffes

Eddie next to Primate skulls (And yes, that's a human skull right next to him)

Babboons are interesting

Especially ones cleaning each other.

Turtles are cool too. They had a whole bunch of different turtles in this one pond. I don't think we managed to spot each of the different kinds. (Maybe next trip)

Tina on the Komodo Dragon statue

Allie too

And Allie AND Tina! (Allie wasn't real happy that Tina was such a camera hog. )

And I had to get one more picture of Eddie!

A GIANT Boa Constrictor. Eddie was rather impressed by this beast.

LOOK! Tina gets to sit on a turtle! (By the way, doesn't she look like cousin Laurie?

Big lizards

The front of the old Lion house

The mandatory Elephant picture

And another Elephant picture

They even had Sea Lions, which just reminded us of California

And traffic on the way home

And there's the accident that blocked the Bronx Parkway for hours!

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