A Pro-Troops Rally in March, 2003

I thought it was interesting that there was a "Pre-Troops" rally on the corner near our house this past winter. Interestingly enough, These folks were much better funded than the "No War for Oil" protestors we'd seen all winter.

I have to wonder who was funding them? Some radio stations maybe?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to google and lookup "pro troop rally radio station funding" to ssee what I mean.

People in the rain with their nice professionally made signs.

And more people with their new U.S. flags

That sorry group across the street are what's left of the "No War for Oil" protestors.

Nice new U.S. Flags

And the extreme right made a showing that day also.

More Pro-Troops (Pro-War?) folks.

That's a Deuce and a Half truck in the background.

Nice Balloons, I wonder who paid for them?

And the bored policeman to make sure that the "No War" and the "Pro-Troops" folks don't decide to get together and have a party. ;-)

Somebody's S.U.V. (Hmmm, War.... Oil... S.U.V.s. Is there some sort of connectioin?

And another professional sign.

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