The New House in Poughkeepsie, New York (Feb, 2002)

Please excuse the quality of these pictures, but the owner was hovering about being a bit of a nervous Nellie, and I didn't have enough time to adjust my camera settings for the different light settings. Some of the paint choices they used were just ugly to us.... (Pepto Bismol pink, Menthol Blue, pastel yellow, and some weird shade of green) It makes me wonder what people will think of our color choices 40 years from now.

Yes, this is the ENTIRETY of the master bathroom, and yes, this really was the shade of pink it was painted

And this is the pink Master Bedroom

And another shot of the pink Master Bedroom, with a darkened out Mercedes. This room is Sooooo Tiny....

I couldn't even tell you which room this is supposed to be, but it has Eddie in it.

This is going to be Eddie's room, and it was a hideous shade of yellow.

The Brown bathroom

The Brown bathroom with the frilly curtains

The front bay window

The fireplace. (If you look closely, you can see vertical lines above it where they had painted over the old wood paneling).

The dining area...

The kitchen's Breakfast nook

The kitchen

And the Kitchen again.

The Family room. Please note the window to the garage. That's sheet rock in back of it. I have NO idea why they didn't remove the window when they built the garage.

The Family room again. Note all that lovely wood paneling... :-(

Dad's office

Mama's Knitting room

And the wall paper mural in the downstairs hallway.

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