Jan-June, 2002

Tina's and her Birthday Cake. She just HAAAAD to have an ice cream cake.

The three little monkeys in front of the cannon on the waterfront in Cold Spring, NY

Eric, Tina, and Eddie in front of that same cannon.

This is the picture that Grandmother is going to hate! (Hi Grandmother!) I just know what she's thinking when she sees this picture. ("How could he let them get so close to the water, they might fall in and drown!)

March in the park in Beacon, NY. That's the Beacon-Newburgh bridge. Interestingly enough, this bridge is relatively young for the area, since it was built in 1963.

And another view of the bridge, minus the monsters.

Another shot of the bridge, at a different time of day. It's included here because I was impressed with the way it reflected in the Hudson River.

Oak Grove Elementary school where the kids go to school now.

And it rains and snows so much here, they have a covered walkway for the kids so they don't get wet on their way from the bus to the building.

This is the original school, built in the 1800s.

The little playground at the school. Quite a difference from what we had back in Albuquerque.

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park... No, it's just the kids feeding SeaGulls in the Beacon waterfront park. They had never seen so many SeaGulls before in their lives.

Eddie was so proud that he solved the Marble Puzzle at the playground, that I had to include this picture. (The trick is to get all three marbles into the center circles. What a pain!)

Our little monsters. (Sometimes they can behave and even be cute!)

The kids in front of the house, before they dash off to the bus stop. No, Tina does not take the bus, she'll be in Kindergarden in the 2002-2003 school year.

Anoterh shot of the house. Please note the yellow New Mexico plates. (And yes, we finally got New York plates.)

The kids get to take the school bus to school here. Interestingly enough, EVERYONE takes the bus to school. Even if you live a block away. It must have something to do with all the lawyers in this state.

Just another cute picture of Tina.

Eddie was in Fourth Grade Chorus this year. That's him (obviously) looking sideways at me taking his picture.

And this is why you don't leave dog food outside at night.

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