Pictures of the Wedaa family from December, 2002

Allie's Birthday cake and cupcakes (She's 9 now). We jsut had a small party at the house for her with just us and a few friends

Tina and her friend Christopher (at the party.) Tina is such a camera hog.

Max (The black and white cat that looks like Mr. Bix), and Mitsy (The grey and orange cat). For some reason, they think that Mercedes' Ficus tree is their private bedroom

Allie and one of her presents. That's Tina to the left, and Christopher in the middle.

Yet another picture of Max and Mitsy.

This was Christmas day. Yes, that was 12:06 AM, the Morning, WAY TOO EARLY. Parents will get this joke, kids, well... It's a "Grownup joke".

Our Christmas tree.

Our entry way, the Christmas tree, and our fireplace.

Allie's are work. She still shows signs of having been in Cassandra Ostic's class back at Chamiza.

The kids on Christmas morning.

Tina got lots of Kelly Rapunzel toys!

Eddie and his new Voltmeter. Now he does'nt need to use mine anymore.

Tina and another Kelly toy.

Tina and her Rapunzil Barbie toy.

Eddie and Yet Another Mossflower Book!

What a mess! It took us days to get all the toys and books upstairs.

Allie and her Christmas presents.

It snowed (Was that ON Christmas day, or the day after.... I forget, it was Soooootramatic! That's Tina out there "Shoveling" snow for us.

Here's Eric and Allie.

And here's another shot of Tina shoveling snow.

And here's Allie working hard.

We got 12 inches of snow in that storm. The snow is piled up behind and above the ruler here.

And here's the snow drift on top of the house. Eric had to buy a "Roof Rake" to pull some of it off the roof so that we wouldn't get an ice dam (where the ice builds up, and then the water sneaks into the attic.)

The neighbors yard and the snow slide we made into their yard.

Spooky likes the snow. (For some reason, he likes to eat it. Weird....)

Allie and the snwo slide.

Allie sliding away.

Allie again

And the icicles on our root. (They really could kill someone...)

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