More Pictures of the Wedaa family from October, 2002

October was an exciting month for us. Grandpa (That's Henry William Wedaa, or Mr. Wedaa to the rest of you), came to visit. We went to the local zoo ((AKA, The Trevor Zoo) which is at a local Prep school, and to the Poughkeepsie Childrens Museum (AKA, the Mid Hudson childrens Museum. We were also able to take a panoramic series of photos from the parking lot of the museum. We got some nice shots (we think) of the Poughkeepsie Bridge.

Eddie, Allie, Grandpa, and Tina at the zoo

Mercedes, Allie, and Eddie looking at the ducks and geese.

The Killer Goose! It wanted to eat us! (Really, it DID!)

Mercedes, Tina, and Eddie playing in the dinosaur sand box at the Childrens Museum.

That's Eddie behind English Tudor costume.

And there's Princess Tina, sitting on the throne.

Allie likes to dance on stage!

And they dressed up Eddie in half the costumes from the costume box! (Well, not half, but a lot!)

Tina, Eddie, and Allie at the Doctors office in the museum. Check out Eddie's fake leg!

Allie at the cash register at the store.

Eddie's bummed out because the store only sold healty foods.

Allie rock climbing at the Museum.

Tina playing inside the heart and lung. This was an elaborate playset at the museum with slides and climbing areas representing the heart and lung system.

Tina coming out of the heart.

And the start of the panorama around the parking lot at the museum. This shot starts at the museum, and we proceed counterclockwise.... The old railroad bridge is to the north of the museum, and the Poughkeepsie Bridge is to the south.

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