Pictures of the Wedaa family from October, 2002

Mercedes is spending some of her spare time helping to foster kittens with "Humane Solutions, Inc.", and frequently take the kids to play with new kittens at Christina's house.

This is Allie, covered in Kittens.

And this is Christina with a handfull of trouble. ;-)

Mercedes and one of the kittens (That's only kind of interested in the cat toy!)

Eddie and a cat

Tina and another cat.

Tina's friend Christoper.

Mercedes and her new kitten Mitsy. If you look carefully, you can see that Mitsy has seven toes!.

That's Max

That's Max again!

And then in October, Allie lost one of her teeth! She was so happy that the gross wiggly yucky tooth finally came out!

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