Assorted pictures from May 2001 in Albuquerque

The last Brownie troop meeting of the year in Albuquerque, on the far left is Allie's best friend Emma, and then on the end is Allie.

Our new cat Belle

Belle and Parc

And Parc, all by herself

The girls at Anaka's Birthday party

Tina loves the shower toy!

More Shower time

Anaka's Mom, Anaka, and lotsa little ducks

Tina can't stand being wet once she's out of the pool, that's why she has a BIG towel

Tina in the shallow end

Eddie and Allie being wet. ;-)

Yes, that's Mercedes, and boy does she hate it when I take her picture.

Eddie coming down the water slide

Circling the table, it's Renee, Tina's friend Gabbie, Tina, and Mercedes

Tina's such a happy camper

And Allie is cole, wet and TIRED

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