Pictures of September 1997

Allie being Well Behaved.

Eddie can be Well Behaved too.

Eddies friends from kindergarden, Brandon (Left) and Paloma (Right).

Paloma can be quite dramatic at times.

Eddie and Tina (On Allie's Bed!).

Double Rainbow

Our house

And the neighbor's houses.

Our Electric Company's Fun

There was a break in one of the main powerlines for our neighborhood and it was in our backyard. To repair the break, they had to dig a hole in our backyard to get to the cable. By the time they were done, the hole was 7 feet deep. (2 meters).

Interestingly enough, the guys doing the digging thought they would be done in 3-4 hours. They didn't listen to me when I laughed at their estimate, and told them it would take two days. Two days later they finished the hole.
At the end of Day one.

Another shot of the pile.

I wouldn't want this guy's job!

This is why it took two days. All of our yard is Alluvial Plain. In other words, lots of rocks.