Christina April Wedaa, Born Jan 30, 1997 at 14:40.
7 pounds, and 19 7/8th inches.

Here's Mercedes gazing off at something... Those cabinets behind her are where they hide assorted medical things (O2, Vacuum pump, etc). These rooms are also used for regular deliveries of babies as well, so they have lots of cool things in them.
Here's another shot of Mercedes and her tummy. Those wires on her tummy are hooked up to the machine in the next picture, and are used to monitor her heartbeat, and the baby's heartbeat.
Not an HP piece of equipment in the whole room!
Here's Eric all dressed up to go in and watch the C-Section.
That funny thing the nurse is pulling is the umbilical cord. Christina was cleaned up before I could start taking pictures of her. (I think they didn't like the way we were talking about "ugly babies", so they wanted her clean before we saw her.)
What an angry little face she has!
And here we see them suctioning some gunk out of her stomach.
I think the term "Dazed and Confused" fits here. Mercedes has just been wheeled back to her room, and is still a bit doped out from the whole operation.
And here's Christina!

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